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Proshock ice

Proshock ice combines cirolipolysis with acoustic waves and is a treatment used to remodel and tone the body, in addition to reducing excess fat and the appearance of cellulite.

Cryolipolysis is a technique that allows the controlled and precise cooling of adipocytes (fat cells), which are much more sensitive to cold than any other anatomical structure entering into apoptosis from -5ºC. The damaged cells are then metabolized and expelled naturally by the body.

In turn, acoustic wave therapy increases blood circulation, improves elasticity and stimulates metabolic processes, helping to tone the tissue in the treated area, which can improve the overall appearance of cellulite. Proshock Ice is a non-invasive procedure , not requiring anesthesia and allowing an immediate return to daily activities.

Several areas can be treated in a single session with immediate visible results. Usually, up to 4 sessions are recommended, performed 7 to 14 days apart.

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