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Carboxitherapy is defined as the therapeutic administration of carbon dioxide (CO2) through hypodermic injection into the subcutaneous tissue directly into the affected areas, causing the destruction of fat cells and facilitating the vascularization of the treated region.

The use of Carboxitherapy extends from cellulite (gynoid lipodystrophy) to sagging and stretch marks, unsightly scars and complementary treatment in liposuction to reduce irregularities and decrease the "wrinkled" aspect of the skin, by improving skin elasticity.

These benefits result from the promotion of local arteriovenous vasodilation, increased regional blood flow, increased blood and lymphatic drainage and lipolysis, resulting from these actions, greater availability of oxygen to the tissue, increase in collagen turnover and reduction in the amount of collagen. adipose tissue.

There are not many contraindications or important systemic adverse reactions described, therefore, it is a safe method, easy to perform and widely used in Europe and the USA.

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