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FUE Hair Transplant

Fue Hair Transplantation is a minimally invasive procedure, which consists of removing capillary follicular units from denser areas and without susceptibility to falling, to be implanted in areas with less hair density.


The donor area is studied, both in density and in the quality of the hair, which depends on the characteristics of each patient. The follicles are extracted, one by one, before proceeding to transplantation. The follicular units are implanted in the area to be repopulated through thin individual incisions, respecting the natural direction of the patient's hair. Because it is a minimally invasive surgery, the FUE hair transplant offers the patient a normal life, being able to return to work the next day, as long as his activity does not require violent physical effort.

About 80% of transplanted hair strands fall between 3 and 6 weeks after surgery, leaving the roots on the scalp, from which the new wires will grow. The final result can be observed between the 10th and 12th month after transplantation and is permanent.

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