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Personal Derma

About Us

Our brand was born from the will and need to provide personalized medical care of excellence, meeting the most demanding needs today.

We intend to create in Portugal the concept of private clinic of the type "Boutique Dermatology" directing particularly our attention to the skin, health and appearance of our patients in a unique space that unites modernity and comfort with technology and science.

Modern medicine tends to be more segmented and specialized, so we rely on the indispensable human qualities and techniques of professionals from different areas who work in synergy, in order to provide solutions tailored to the individual needs of our patients.

Our clinic is intended not only for a restricted group of people who have skin problems but also for all those who aspire to improve the quality and beauty of this organ so important to our health and external appearance. We assume in this way that Personal Derma is directed to all those who care continuously about treating themselves, focusing on the prevention of both the disease and the signs of aging.

With regard to General Dermatology, the clinic has a group of physicians characterized by their extensive experience in different medical-surgical areas, such as: skin cancer, acne, eczema, psoriasis, hyperhidrosis, hemangiomas and other vascular lesions, hair transplant, laser treatment and skin surgery.

Following the trends of the modern era, Aesthetic Dermatology associated with Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine allow us to combine minimally invasive procedures, which we like to classify as "small touch-ups", discreet, safe and effective with the aim of improving the tired appearance, minimize wrinkles and reaffirm tissues. The main benefits of this type of procedures are quick recovery, a faster return to professional activities and social life and a lower risk of complications.

Our clinic allows to gather in a unique and central space in the city of Lisbon all the technological advances of this area, with a service that aims to respond to individual needs in a personalized and longitudinal way. We also invest in the innovation of techniques and procedures in the areas of Aesthetic Medicine, Clinical and Surgical Dermatology, participating in national and international scientific studies. We enhance continuous medical training with the support of scientific societies and the pharmaceutical industry through courses and lectures in our training rooms built from scratch for this purpose.

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