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Anaemia is the most common blood disease and is defined by decreasing the absolute number of red blood cells (also called erythrocytes) in the blood.

In practical terms, anemia corresponds to a decrease in hemoglobin, with reference values ​​varying according to sex: less than 13.5 g / dL in men and less than 12 g / dL in women. The clinical presentation depends on the severity and speed of installation: when it is slow to install, the symptoms are often nonspecific and may include fatigue, palpitations, a feeling of “shortness of breath” or decreased tolerance to physical exercise; when anemia occurs quickly, the symptoms are more exuberant and often include mental confusion, a feeling of “fainting” or even loss of consciousness; in general, only at an advanced stage of the disease, pallor becomes evident; in more severe cases, it can be associated with arrhythmias, acute myocardial infarction or death.

Leukotries antagonists, which have a similar effect, may also be used. To either of these two types of drugs it is useful to add a bronchodilator.

Given that asthma is a chronic disease, therapy should be done daily.

Treatment of patients with anaemia will depend on the underlying cause and the presence or not of associated symptoms.

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