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Brands | Acne Scars

Acne Vulgaris is a very common skin disorder in adolescence, but in some cases, it can last until adulthood. The appearance of acne depends on the genetic predisposition of each person, the increase in the production of sebum and the presence of bacteria that normally live on the skin.

There is a myth that acne is not worth treating and that it must run its course! This myth does not correspond to the reality because, without treatment, many cases of acne will present an unfavorable evolution with risk of permanent injuries. On the other hand, treatment is often very effective and allows for an improvement in self-esteem.

If left untreated, acne can give rise to unsightly or even disfiguring scars, the treatment of which is difficult. This evolution will be all the more rare the earlier the treatment is started. So, whenever you encounter someone with acne, encourage them to be treated as soon as possible to avoid scarring.

If the acne was treated late, was not treated properly or suffered from very aggressive acne, there may be marks and scars. Don't worry, there are currently effective treatments and techniques to improve them, although their complete disappearance is difficult.

Combined techniques are generally used, as it is customary for the patient to present different types and depths of scars simultaneously. Before choosing a treatment, it is necessary to evaluate the patient, as not all scars are treated with the same methods. Some techniques used to correct acne marks / scars are:

CO2 laser, Erbium 1540nm or Erbium 2940nm
Chemical peel
Hyaluronic acid
Medical Dermocosmetics

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