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Dark or light spots on the skin can appear at any age, it can occur due to various causes. If a new lesion appears on your skin, you should see a dermatologist to avoid diagnostic errors.

The most frequent spots are the solar lentils, caused by exposure to the sun and usually appear at older ages, although in situations of excessive exposure to the sun or use of solariums, they can appear in young patients. Its malignancy index is low, but it is not zero, so they must be diagnosed using digital dermatoscopy to make a correct differential diagnosis. Once their benign nature is established, the most effective treatment is Q Switched lasers or pulsed light. In specific cases, cryotherapy can be used.

When white spots appear, it is necessary to assess the possible existence of vitiligo; therefore, a dermatology consultation is essential, as not all white spots are vitiligo.

In case a new lesion appears or there is a change in a pre-existing one, consult your dermatologist to guarantee your kindness and choose the most appropriate treatment for your case. Remember that personalized treatment is the key to a successful outcome.

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