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Neck sagging | "Jowl"

They say that the neck and the hands are the telltale of people's age, and this is usually true. Thinner areas with less sebaceous glands and supporting ligaments are areas prone to sagging, thinning and atrophy since very early ages.

Daily care with appropriate medical dermocosmetics can delay the need for more advanced treatments. However, in patients who express a desire to improve this region, there are many approaches that we can offer.

In the treatment of the neck, like other anatomical areas, the combination of techniques allows to obtain more satisfactory results. The use of laser, hyaluronic acid, mesotherapy and tensioning wires are some examples of techniques that work synergistically in order to improve the sagging of the neck. These treatments produce a significant improvement in collagen and increase the elasticity and redensification of the neck.

When there is an accumulation of fat at the level of the submental area (usually known as "double chin") and that produces the effect of "double chin" with loss of facial contour, it is essential to use specific treatments aimed at eliminating excess fat. In the past, the only effective way to remove the accumulated fat in this region was through surgical liposuction. In 2017, with the beginning of the commercialization of deoxycholic acid (BELKYRA®) in Portugal, there was a minimally invasive technique that allows the local destruction of adipocytes (fat cells) and the dissolution of the existing fat inside. The treatment consists of the infiltration of deoxycholic acid by means of small injections into the fat in the area of ​​the "jowl" (prior anesthesia is applied to avoid discomfort), the destruction of the fat occurs, which will be eliminated naturally by the body in a few weeks. As a result of the procedure, an important inflammatory reaction occurs within the first 48 hours, which progressively improves until it disappears after about 1 week. Several sessions can be carried out until the desired result is achieved.

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