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Facial Sagging

Unfortunately, with age almost everything falls. In the face, there is a displacement of the tissues in the inferior direction, due to changes that occur in the muscles, fat and bones of the face. These changes become more evident in the lower third of the face and mandibular line, which loses its definition. Until a few years ago, if a patient wanted to improve the lower third of the face, he had to undergo aggressive surgical intervention. Currently, there are non-invasive methods that can increase the firmness of the lower third of the face naturally. Tension threads are part of the protagonists of this aesthetic revolution. Recently, several companies commercialize a new generation of tensioning threads that exert a mechanical action on the fabrics, allowing their repositioning and a lifting effect without the need to perform a surgical intervention. There are several types of tension wires: simple, barbed, with cones, uni or bidirectional, etc. The tensioning wires have two effects: Mechanical tension, observed immediately after the procedure. Activation of fibroblasts that leads to an increased secretion of collagen around the threads creating a new network that will help to keep the tissues in a higher position.

The material of the yarns used is often polydioxanone or polylactic acid, both of which are safe and capable of producing new collagen. Contrary to what the patients think, its placement is neither invasive nor traumatic. The work is always intradermal and does not collide with deep structures, which is not the case with other wire models, namely all permanent wires. The action of the tensioning wires is all the more visible and harmonious when proceeding simultaneously with the restoration of volumes with the use of hyaluronic acid, the relaxation of the facial muscles with botulinum toxin and the improvement of the skin texture with Laser treatment.

However, it is important to note that these techniques do not allow results similar to a surgical facelift to be obtained, but more subtle results, so it is essential that the patient has realistic expectations.

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