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Rosacea is a very common dermatological disease that most often affects women over 30 years of age and men over 45 years of age. We do not know the exact causes that cause it, although the common basis of all rosacea is inflammation and redness of the skin.

It is essential to make an appropriate differential diagnosis, preferably by a dermatologist, as there are cases of lupus or other occult immune diseases behind the appearance of rosacea. In mild cases, symptoms usually respond to the use of topical treatments, although in severe or long-term cases oral medications may be necessary, or even treatments with specific vascular laser or intense pulsed light type.

The most recent studies have shown a significant improvement in rosacea treated with Kleresca®, biophonic therapy based on light fluorescence. In addition, once this condition is resolved, rosacea patients should use specific dermocosmetics to protect and prevent further outbreaks. At Cosmétic Lab you can find the most suitable dermocosmetics for you chosen by our dermatologists.

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