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Melasma or chloasma is a change in pigmentation of the face (upper lip, forehead and malar zone) that appears in young women. It is usually related to pregnancy, hormone treatments or sunbathing along with medications. It can also appear on the arms and neckline in perimenopause.

There is no treatment that completely eliminates melasma, but there are effective treatments that make it “invisible” or that make it disappear almost completely. The patient must be careful with sun exposure and do maintenance at home to avoid the reappearance of stains.

The first step in a melasma is a good diagnosis by a dermatologist, the evaluation by a dermatologist will allow you to choose the most appropriate treatment according to your skin type and melasma. Not all types of melasma are the same, not all skins respond in the same way, nor do they need the same treatments.

The treatment is initiated with powerful dermocosmetics for exclusive use in medical clinics or with customized manipulated formulas to begin to unify the tone. If the patient has characteristics that allow the use of a peel, it can be done using a depigmenting mask that speeds up the process.

From the first month of treatment, melasmas accompanied by sun damage can be treated with broadband pulsed light for best results.

In other cases, you can choose to perform mesoterapies with microneedles with depigmenting intensifiers, a non-aggressive technique that obtains good results.

In the latter case, the latest medical lasers can be used in their treatment.

The combination of these treatments in the hands of experienced dermatologists achieves very good results and makes our Dermatology Clinic a reference center in the treatment of melasma and pigmented facial lesions.

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