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General Medicine Consultation


General Medicine is dedicated to the generalist and global medical approach to individuals and families, without age limits, in health and disease, in the preventive, diagnostic and curative perspectives.

General Medicine seeks to understand the person as a whole. It does not only address the patient and his physical health, but seeks to integrate him in the context of his life, his problems, his culture, his community, his fears, beliefs, expectations and needs. General and Family Medicine is also a link with other specialties, since the doctor will refer the patient, who needs more specialized care, to the most appropriate specialty.

General Medicine is the correct specialty for:

  • Regularly monitor health status;
  • Conduct periodic general health assessments;
  • Recourse in common disease situations;
  • Resort for medical evaluation and certification for leisure sports;
  • Advise on preventive care, health surveillance and examinations to be carried out;
  • Advise on family planning;
  • Advise and decide on the need to refer to physicians of other specialties;

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