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Antiaging Query

Antiaging medicine is a preventive medicine that aims to provide us with a better quality of life, delaying signs and symptoms related to aging.

It is not the elixir of youth, nor does it aim to add more years of life.

What medicine does nowadays often, is to prolong the life of the user to the account of prolonging the disease.

It is necessary to think “before”, preventing and delaying the appearance of so-called degenerative diseases, and this is achieved today, through a balance in our body, working on the five pillars on which anti-aging medicine is based: Nutrition, Exercise physical, Food Supplementation, Hormonal Supplementation and Changing Life Habits.

It is from the synergy of these elements that we can increase our vitality, slow down our aging and eventually extend our longevity.

In the Antiaging Consultation we start by evaluating the overall health conditions of patients. For this, we request blood tests and other medical and genetic tests, when we deem it necessary.

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