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Reduction mammoplasty

Reduction mammoplasty resolves the so-called breast hypertrophy or gigantomastia (accumulation of adipose and / or glandular tissue, accompanied by excess skin). Exaggerated breast enlargement may appear as an isolated symptom, especially in young patients (juvenile hypertrophy) or accompanied by a fall in the chest (hypertrophy with ptosis). It is usually associated with obesity, but it can also appear in thin women. The most frequent complaints are cervical pain, paresthesia (numbness) of the upper limbs and motor difficulties.

In most cases, the surgery will result in a scar around the areola, one in the groove of the breast and another vertical that joins the two (inverted T scar). With the appropriate postoperative care that we will recommend after surgery, in a few months the scars can be practically imperceptible.


  • Recovery time: 15 days
  • Surgery time: 2 to 3 hours
  • General anesthesia or sedation
  • 1 day of hospitalization

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