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Increased gluteal volume

There are three ways to achieve an increase in gluteal volume: gluteal prostheses, fat grafting (lipofilling) and filling with synthetic material, more often with hyaluronic acid (non-surgical method).

The grafting of fat in the gluteal or lipofilling is a procedure recommended in the correction of depressions in the gluteal region or increase of the lateral region of the buttocks. With the accomplishment of the fat graft in the glutes, a good result is achieved in the modeling of this anatomical region, without the need for an important increase in its size, and with a more natural result, which accompanies the remaining part of the body, even if there are large weight variations.

The use of gluteal prostheses (oval, round or quartz) is more indicated in cases where a greater increase in the volume of the glutes is desired and there is not enough available fat in the rest of the body for the graft. It is made with a vertical incision in the upper part of the intergluteal groove resulting in an imperceptible scar.

Recovery time: 10 days
Surgery time: 2 to 3 hours
General anesthesia

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